The Taos Founders and Cinco Pintores artists of New Mexico

Ernest Martin Hennings (1886-1956) Towering Pines

The Santa Fe Artist scene was also making history when five well known Santa Fe artists started the Los Cinco Pintores, these included: Fremont Ellis, Jozeph Bakos, Walter Mruk, William Schuster, and Willard Nash. Their artist colony like the Taos Founders emphasized the local New Mexico flavor both in the people and their environment. The Cinco Pintores especially Nash and Bakos had a definite modern bent to their art work.

Many other well know artists not associated with either the Taos Founders or Los Cinco Pintores found the landscape of Taos and Santa Fe irresistible. They came mainly from well trained academic backgrounds to make New Mexico their home both permanent and part time. These Taos and Santa Fe Artists included: Leon Gaspard, Nicholi Fechin, Ward Lockwood, Catherine Critcher, Sheldon Parsons, Carl Redin, Doel Reed, Dorthy Brett, John Sloan, Robert Henri, Randall Davey,Carl Von Hassler, Emil Bisttram, Sheldon Parsons, Albert Schmidt, Carl and Wood Woolsey, Carlos Vierra, Agnes Simms, Gerald Cassidy, Laverne Nelson Black, Warren Rollins,Ila McAfee,Theodore Van Soelen,Ben Turner ,just to name a few.

Auction Prices and Private Sales of works by the Taos Founders, Taos Society as well as by other Taos and Santa Fe Artists have soared according to Dr. Mark Sublette owner of Medicine Man Gallery and an authority on the Taos Founders and Santa Fe artists. “Prices above a million dollars for a major painting by the Taos Founders have now occurred for many of these Taos artists.” “As a dealer in these early Taos and Santa Fe paintings I only see a increase demand for these works and now also see a new interest in some of the lesser known New Mexico artist from the early twentieth century.”


Taos Founders, also known as the Taos Society of Artists their Biographies, Museum Holdings, and Auction Records


Kenneth Adams

Ernest L. Blumenschein

E. Berninghaus

Eanger Irving Couse

Herbert “Buck” Dunton

Victor Higgins

E. Martin Hennings

Bert Geer Phillips

Joseph Henry Sharp

Walter Ufer

Associate Members

Catharine Critcher

Julius Rolshoven

Birger Sandzen

Los Cinco Pintores

Fremont Ellis

Jozef Bakos

Walter Mruk

William Shuster

Willard Nash

Santa Fe And Taos Artists Biographies, Museum Holdings, and Auction Records


Henry Balink

Gustave Baumann

Charles Berninghaus

Emil Bisttram

Laverne Nelson Black

Homer Dean Boss

Dorothy Brett

Gerald Cassidy

Willard Clark

Howard Norton Cook

Andrew Dasburg

Randall Davey

Nicolai Fechin

Joseph Fleck

Leon Gaspard

Albert Lorey Groll

Norma Bassett Hall

Helen Hardin

William Penhallow Henderson

Robert Henri

Odon Hullenkremer

Joseph Imhoff

Anna Elizabeth Keener

Nellie Augusta Knopf

Gene Kloss

Barbara Latham

John Ward Lockwood

Ila Mae McAfee

Ralph Waldo Emerson Meyers

Alfred Morang

Datus E. Myers

J. O. Nordfeldt

Georgia O’Keeffe

Hans Paap

Sheldon Parsons

Carl Redin

Doel Reed

Charles Henry Reynolds

Warren Rollins

Albert Schmidt

Fritz Scholder

Agnes Sims

Agnes Tait

Ben Turner

Theodore van Soelen

Carlos Vierra

Carl von Hassler

Frank Reed Whiteside

Joseph Roy Willis

Carl Woolsey

Wood Woolsey

Important Western and Southwestern Artists Biographies, Museum Holdings, and Auction Records


Louis Akin

John James Audubon

Oliver Glen Barrett

Joe Beeler, CA

Harry C. Best

Albert Bierstadt

Edward Borein

Carl Oscar Borg

Cornelius Botke

Jessie Arms Botke

Conrad Buff

Eldridge Ayer Burbank

Ferdinand Burgdorff

George Elbert Burr

Frank Tolles Chamberlain

Alice Cleaver

Robert Clunie

Leola Hall Coggins

Mary-Russell Ferrell Colton

Astley David Middleton Cooper

Rudolf Daniel Ludwig Cronau

Dawson Dawson-Watson

Gerard Curtis Delano

Maynard Dixon

Augustus William Dunbier

Nick Eggenhofer

Jessie Benton Steese Evans

Henry Francois Farny

Victor Clyde Forsythe

Merrell Robert Gage

William Gollings

Ralph Goltry

Arthur Earl Haddock

James Hall

Edith Hamlin

Armin Carl Hansen

Herman Wendelborg Hansen

Fred Harman Jr.

Lloyd Harting

Lee F. Hersch

Stefan A. Hirsch

Carl Hoermann

Lawrence Hosmer

Peter Hurd

Frank Tenney Johnson

Wiliam E. Johnson

William Keith

Charles Bird King

Joseph Kleitsch

William Henry Dethlef Koerner

Paul Lauritz

Bertha Stringer Lee

William Robinson Leigh

Ralph Love

John Marin

Lucy Clare Drake Marlow

Pete Martinez

Thomas Loraine McKenney

Lloyd Mitchell

Thomas Moran

Dale Nichols

Audley Dean Nicols

Frederick O’Hara

Edgar Payne

Edgar Samuel Paxon

Ralph Pearson

Don Perceval

Fritioff Albin Persson

Edward Henry Potthast

Ace Powell

Marjorie Jane Reed

Leonard Reedy

Frederic Remington

Charles Marion Russell

Carl Sammons

Frank P. Sauerwein

William Joseph Schaldach

Robert Scriver, CA

Olaf Carl Seltzer

John Sloan

Eric Sloane

Lillian Wilhelm Smith

Ross Stefan

Charles Frederick Surendorf

James Swinnerton

Rolla Sims Taylor

Elliot Bouton Torrey

Jack van Ryder

Frank Vavra

Russ Vickers

Hernando Villa

Harold von Schmidt

Harold Buck Weaver

Olaf Weighorst

Gunnar Widforss

Byron Wolfe

Francisco Zuniga